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Pathologically Omnivore + Negative Side

PostPosted by mulambo » Fri Sep 15, 2017 8:39 am

Hello, this is my first post. I'm Emanuele from Italy and I'm a graphic designer/videogame maker who also expresses himself with independent music production. I make well composed tracks, but also hardcore stuff such as the ones I'm going to show.
This is a huge set of death/grind/doom/trash metal tracks (300+ tracks! :D ) I've made with LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio), under the nickname "50m3" (aka "some").
It's a huge amount of really short tracks, inspired by bands such as Last Days Of Humanity and Napalm Death.
The main theme of the first set "Pathologically Omnivore" is veganism, I wanted to get into the horror of meat production in a speechless way. There are no vocals or lyrics and the main themes of the songs are given by each title.
The second album "Negative Side" is more emotional, speaking about more personal themes, rants and randomness, inspired by the "negative" part of me. This set of tracks also feautures some tracks with an emulated grind/scream voice.

I have much fun into making this, altough the theme is really serious and sociologically critical.

Prepare for something edgy, and thank you for listening.

"Pathologically Omnivore"

"Negative Side"
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